Huggies Total Protection M 5-10kg 64 Diapers

Brand: Huggies

Product Code: BMT00078

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Price: RM50.10

Clinically Proven* to help prevent diaper rash, Huggies® new range of diapers will guard your little one against the 5 signs of skin irritants: Redness, Roughness, Rashes, Sensitivity and Itchiness. Now, let Huggies® defend your baby's bottom, so you don't have to.

Up To 10-Hour Leak Lock System

1.Quick Dry Layer quickly pulls fluid away from baby's skin
2.Spreads fluid throughout the pad
3.Super absorbent gel locks fluid to keep baby's skin dry for up to 10 hours*
* Based on average urination rate of baby per 10 hours

100% breathable outer cover allows air to escape up to 10x faster^ through outer cover so baby's skin stays dry.
(^vs non-breathable covers)

Soft and snug waistband provides comfort and helps prevent red marks even when baby is on the move.

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