Diapex Wonder Tape Easy S 3-6kg Diapers 48pcs

Brand: Diapex

Product Code: BMT00089

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Wonder tape - Soft refastenable wonder tapes for better fit
Breathable cloth-like cover - Breathable cloth-like cover for better air flow
Stretchable waistband - Stretchable waistband for a better and comfortable fit
Wet shield - Wet shield blue layer that traps away wetness and channel fluids downwards to prevent over-concentration of moisture in one spot
Super side leak guards to prevent side leakage

Other Information

• Dispose stool into the toilet bowl

Top Sheet: Non Woven
Absorbent Pad: ADL, Pulp & SAP
Backsheet: Breathable Cloth-Like Non Woven

Product Information

Country of Origin - Malaysia

Preparation and Storage

Preparation and Usage

How to use
1. Spread out Diapex Easy Diaper to expose inner side. Pull the 'leak guards' upright
2. Position your baby on the open diaper. Please ensure tape is at the back. Draw up diaper between baby's leg
3. Peel and attach the tape evenly on both sides. Pull the elastic leg gathers outwards to prevent leakage and adjust to fit your baby


Store in dry, cool and avoid direct sunlight for optimum usage

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