Fitti M 5-11kg Disposable Baby Diapers 72pcs

Brand: Fitti

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Extra Easy Tape, Extra Absorbency, Extra Breathable Cover

Product Marketing

Extra Easy Tape
Can be easily refastened as many times as needed for a comfortable fit

Extra Breathable Cover
Allows air circulation to minimise dampness, keeping your baby's skin fresh and dry

Extra Absorbency Gel
Quickly locks away fluid to protect your baby's delicate skin from irritation and rash

Extra Stretchable Waistband
Provides contoured fit around the baby's waist for snug fit

Leak Guard
Effectively prevents side leakage

New! Adorable Design
Cute and colourful graphic for baby's pleasure

The best comfort for every baby

Other Information

Disposal: Wrap soiled diaper and dispose. Do not flush into toilet
Content: Non-woven, pulp, polymer, P.E
Shelf life: 3 years
Production date: As shown on this package

Preparation and Storage

Preparation and Usage

How to put on a diaper?
1. Position baby's bottom onto the centre of the diaper
2. Peel the tapes and position them onto the Refastenable Frontal Zone
3. Adjust the tapes to fit to your baby's comfort
4. Gently pull out the leg elastic for better comfort and leakage prevention


Store in cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight

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