Product Code: HZ KIDS ROLLER SHOES (Include Helmut, hand and knee protector)

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(Include Helmut, hand and knee protector)

  • Front flash wheels
  • This skate is adjustable by clinch screw with 4 point option
  • Breathable design
  • PVC Wheels with ABEC-7 Carbon bearing
  • Available Colors: Blue, Red and Pink

The skates are adjustable through 4 sizes which allows kids to grow into the skate. The adjustable size will not require a new pair every year as they grow and can be handed down to siblings for greater longevity. Inline skating is a fun and easy way for kids to be active. Inline skates are a great way to start or continue an active lifestyle.

S Size (30-33) Foot Length : 18.0cm - 21.0cm (suitable for 3-6 years old)

M Size (34-37) Foot Length :  21.5cm - 24.0cm (suitable for 5-12 years old)

L Size (38-41) Foot Length :  24.5cm - 27.5cm (suitable for 10 years old and above)


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