MamyPoko Extra Dry S 3-8kg Baby Diapers 44pcs

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Stripes Pad


Product Marketing

Selected soft material helps reduce irritation
Soft re-attachable tape can be used repeatedly
Superior absorbency enables longer usage and leakage protection
Natural cotton-like breathable cover releases heat and moisture to reduce rashes
Dry stripes pad absorb urine immediately and keeps baby's bottom completely dry!
Absorb immediately. Keeping your baby comfortable the whole day and completely dry, even when using for a long time.


Other Information

Dispose stool in toilet

• Top Sheet: Non woven polyolefin, Polyester
• Absorbent Pad: Paper, Pulp, Polymer (28.3%), Non Woven Polyolefin
• Back Sheet: Film Polyolefin
• Tape: Nylon
• Elastic: Polyurethane
• Construction: Styrene Elastomer Synthetic Resin

Country of Origin – Thailand


Preparation and Usage

1. Pull the Leakage Guards upright
2. Do not fold the Leakage Guards outwards
3. Adjust tape to fit baby's body


Please store in a cool, dry place

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