MamyPoko Extra Dry L 9-14kg Baby Diapers 32pcs

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Fit, Air, Soft, Up To 12 Hours, New! Speed Wave

Product Marketing

Speed Wave 
- Absorbs urine immediately and keeps baby's bottom completely dry!
Quick Absorbency 
- Keep your baby dry, and feeling comfortable all day!
Superior Absorbency
- Enables longer usage and leakage protection 
Cotton-like breathable cover 
- Releases heat & moisture to reduce rashes 
Soft re-attachable tape
- Can be adjusted repeatedly 
Selected soft material 
- Helps reduce irritation

Other Information

• Top Sheet: Non Woven Polyolefin, Polyester
• Absorbent Pad: Paper, Pulp, Polymer (29.5%) 
• Back Sheet: Film Polyolefin
• Tape: Polyolefin
• Elastic: Polyurethane
• Construction: Styrene Elastomer Synthetic Resin

• Dispose stool in toilet 


Country of Origin – Thailand


Preparation and Usage

1. Pull the Leakage Guards upright
2. Do not fold the Leakage Guards outwards
3. Adjust tape to fit baby's body


Please store in a cool, dry place



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